Saturday, May 24, 2008

More about last weekend..........

So i didn't get to finish bragging about my wonderful weekend back in seattle, so let me finish. So after pikes place we ran over to bellevue square to go see made of honor, it was sweet and very fitting for the weekend!! Then came saturday. Up at 8am to go cake testing at 9am at Mikes amazing cakes, evedentially this is pretty popular cake place-even featured on The food network :) So we got there and what a suprise for me-the cake i thought i wanted would end up being almost $1000!!!!! Turns out fondent is pretty expensive and they can make the cake out of buttercream just the same. So I added a tier, now 4 tiers, which will serve 146 and just get a sheet cake from costco to feed the rest. i decided on square, ivory buttercream with sage green deco, which is yet to be decided. I am still unsure of the green- I might just go with all ivory, so your suggestions will be appreciated.

After Cakes we headed to Michaels were I picked out a bunch of little goodies, like vases and books and darling little boxes to put candy it!!! And my dad stopped by to have lunch with us-what a treat to have both my parents there!!!

After we re-fueld at PCC ( an all natural market which I pray Utah will get one day ) we headed up to Blakley hall for my 1st time at seeing were I will become a Jasperson!!! It was a little different than what i pictured, but even better. I have to say this wedding is going to be quite the event :) I sure have a lot of changes to make to this place to make it up to par-but we can do it. After hours at blakley hall moving tables, measureing pictures and deciding where the cake table will go- my mom and I were off to Joanne fabrics! !Here we picked out fabrics to cover the ugly pictures on the wall, my mom made an amazing fake bouquet of what I think i want my real one to look like and some flowers to go on the arch we get married under!

By this time it was 7pm and we were exhausted! So we went off to home to get ready for the bridal shower the next day. I have to say I am so blessed to have such an amazing mom who cares about perfectionism as much, actually, more than I do. This bridal shower was gorgeous!! The food was amazing, the flowers were out of this world!!! And I had a great time and got wonderful gifts, It was the best time ever! I was so happy to see old friends, get new presents-a lot more than i expected i must say- and get a glimpse of what the wedding will be like!!

My mom made me wear this veil, i didn't look good in it. Then she wanted to wear it!

So manyt gift, so thankful!!


Leannes notes said...

Your really did have a whirlwind weekend. The shower was great. All your plans are great too. You guys are way organized, I told your mom I needed a lesson in that area!

Anonymous said...

wow! this is so cool! I love it!!!! MOM ( me with this1!!!