Thursday, May 28, 2009

My idol, My muse, My star

So, last christmas aaron got me my ultimate gift-Tickets to see BRITNEY SPEARS!! At the time, we didn't know i was pregnant, so it was a great gift! Still a great gift, but would of been more fun not with child. So back on april 25th becky and i headed to Las Vegas to watch this wonderwoman perform. Plus the pussy cat dolls opened for her, so it was bound to be a great show. The pussy cat dolls were awesome, and so was britney's opening show. There were acrobats (?) and people doing amazing things before the princess of pop came on. Then she came down from the ceiling, and lip synched her entire show. All 2 hours of it. I can't say im not surprised, she was doing all sorts of dancing and flying, so ofcourse it would be hard to sing. Our seats were good, lets just say i wasn't in the front row-but not in the back row. Although I could touch it......anyway, I love my husband for the wonderful gift!!

Here are beck and me at the VIP lounge, we also got a free back massage.

The stage

Just britney


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

24 weeks and counting

Since I am in the mood, might as well post all i can. So, lets is still pretty unbelieveable i am pregnant and continues to surprise me everytime i catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and notice i look like a "who" ( from dr. seuss) or i catch myself waddeling. I am officially in my 6th month, and my dr. says i might be a few days ahead of scheduale. Which to me means if my due date is 9/15, Im hopeing he comes 8/30.......i can hope right. I have officially gained 20lbs and am really letting myself go, Not at all how i envisioned pregnancy being. I thought I could still do all my workout routnines, just modify them to that of a pregnant lady. Well, i didn't realize while being pregnant you don't feel like doing anything. After being on my feet all day at starbucks, lifting weights is the last thing i want to do. So instead of kickboxing I have started a new routine.....walking! It get's the job done of burning some calories, but I can't wait to start working out again. Walking is for wimps. Thus not being the reason for no pics, i will post some. I just need to find cute enough clothes that fit, im in a bit of a odd stage now where everything i wear makes me look like a piligimist.

Mothers Day

Oh what a wonderful day! This post is a little behind, but better late then never. I was sure not expecting all the goodness that this day has to offer, but I was pleasently surprised! Aaron got me a pregnancy journal and a book called " Secrets of the Baby Whisperer". I also got cards, and a cute outfit for baby boy!! Aaron's sweet family took the time to send little ol' me mothers day gifts-which was so unexpected! So i guess this was my first mothers day, but not officially until I have to deal with a baby for a few months, then I will feel like a real mother. My favorite part of the day was the hike we went on with Kendalls family. It is a place called Red cliffs, just about 20 min up the highway and it was amazing!!! Brad's sister becky had gone there the week before and after seeing pictures I knew that's where i wanted to spend my day off. It is filled with pools of fresh mountain water and natural water slides from the rocks that the kids can play in , and then you have to climb up a rock and waterfall to continue. Becky, aaron and I went so far where you had to literally swim to keep going. You start off in a few feet of water walking in between canyons, and then it gets so deep your swimming. It was odd with shoes, pants and a shirt on-but oh so fun! Thanks beck for taking us!

Here's aaron with landon and kailyn

Isn't it beautiful! This counts as my 22 week prego pic.

Here is one of the slides

Brad climbing up to jump off. The water was plenty deep