Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Home for the Holidays

We are so blessed to have family who are able to give us the gift of being home! Thanks to our parents and Alli and Johnny, our first christmas as Mr. and Mrs. Jasperson was spent with our parents. Seattle had a major blizzard this yr and It was so fun to be there! A total of 15 inches was the most we saw. Luckily we were not some of the people who were stranded at the airport for days. When we flew in we went to snowflake lane with my family and aaron ate his first thai food! He loved it, it was bomb. We spend christmas eve with his family and got to meet our new niece Mia, what a fricken doll she is!! Here is aaron holding her, to bad you can't see her face.

Christmas day we went over to my parents house and relaxed, ate a good dinner and went to see 7 pounds. I highly recomend this movie, and count on crying like a baby.
Here we are at my moms house.

Our front yard on christmas!!

On friday we went out to my grandmas house, she lives in snoqualmie and was stuck for days! Aaron and my brother shovled her driveway, but only so she could back out, not drive down her hill.

Aaron helping my mom with the gravy!

Monday, December 29, 2008


I have a lot of pics of the wonderful time we had back home for christmas, but kodak is being slow. So I will write about my christmas present. Let me paint the scene for you, it's christmas eve, we are at aaron's parents house with his sisters and nieces sitting around the tree. Everyone gets to open one gift tonight, so we in no hurry mostly because most my presents are at my parents house, I am already in seattle so what could be better, and aaron and I have yet to get eachother extravagant gifts for christmas, so I wasnt expecting much. So its my turn, aaron hands me what seems to be a book, I open it and there is a sticky not on the cover which I glanse at but am more concerned about the title. Im assuming this as got to be a book on how my husband is ready to have kids, or how to work on getting the husband to clean the house-which would be a great book to get!! But it titled something so meaningless to me I dont even remember, so he tells me to read the sticky note: IF YOU TURN TO PAGE 110 YOU MIGHT GET LUCKY YOU WILL SEE I REALLY AM A SLAVE FOR YOU. So i notice those are britney spears songs, but he wanted to somehow throw in britney to my present by letting my know he know's some of her songs, great. So I turn to page 110 and a pair of tickets fall heart stops, I open the tickets and it IS TWO TICKETS TO SEE BRITNEY AT MGM IN VEGAS!! I start crying, im shocked this guy who I sometimes think does not even know I am in the room with him got me such a priceless gift. It really means so much to me, just the thought of him wanting me to be so happy!! I knew how much the tickets were, and didn't even plan on buying one for myself even if I found someone to go with. So, what a great christmas this was. The best until i have babies to buy for.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I love christmas lights! Who doesn't, really? So I was so excited to finally be living in a house and not an apartment this yr! A few weeks ago Aaron, Brad and Brad's brother in law Scott did the guy thing and put up the lights! They did a great Job, and I'm sure it sucked pretty bad. I had no idea what went into putting up lights. It's quite the project. Here are a few pics of the process........

And the BEAUTIFUL after product....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Advice, thoughts....suggestions!!

I don't know what's going on, Well maybe I do....... I know I can't be at the age your at when you feel like its now or never-so it must just be that EVERYONE i know is having kids, or more kids. I knew from an early age I was destin to be a mom, and now that I'm a wife I feel like it's time. Only it's not........nothing is right in my life. I'm not at a job I want to be at, I don't have my own kitchen and my husband has been feeling the effects of the economy worse than anyone ( or so I like to think) So my question is when is the right time? Well, for one I know my husband has to agree-strike one. you have to have your own kitchen, right-strike two. you have to of been to europe, on a cruise and new york and do all the things you can't do when you have kids, right-strike three. There are many more strikes we have against us, but is that what normal people do before they have kids, add up all the strikes? What if it changed our life for the better? To have something we have never had, we have to do somehting we have never done-right? Well maybe that something is create the most beautiful thing little girl in the world (im pretty set on having a girl)! I just don't know!!! So can someone tell me when is the time-how do I make it happen?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008