Saturday, May 7, 2011

My sweet first born

Oh Dominic, today we are having a baby shower for your little brother. As exciting as a baby shower is, it can not compare to that of your first child. Nothing is comparable to your first anything when it comes to having kids. I feel more prepared, although i am prepared to be surprised with having 2 babies under 2. Im so excited to celebrate the coming of a brother for you, however the gifts become less meaningful, the clothes become less cute and the diapers seem less exciting. I say this only because reality set in when you arrived, and life becomes less about the material things. I love thinking back about my pregnancy and labor with you. It was a breeze, probably to save my energy for when you got older :) You came 6 weeks early, just to meet us! Sometimes i don't feel like a mom, i feel like your are just my best friend i get to hang out with all the time. I love being with you!!  In these last few weeks that we have to ourselves, I want to cherish them. I want to stare at you, smell you, kiss you, hold you and watch you play until were no longer alone. You have been more than i could ever thought having a child could be, in a good way. You are hilarious, sneaky, stubborn, smart and ADORABLE beyond comprehension. You will be an amazing big brother, i hope you someday understand how much i love you, however i know you cant until you have your own baby one day.

I love you Dominic,