Friday, July 2, 2010


Im the first to admit cooking is not my fortay. But, in our house there are just some things i cook, and some things aaron cooks. We both love FOOD, especially anything fried ( lucky for my butt, we don't fry things often ) So while at cheesecake factory a few years ago, we discovered best of both worlds, healthy and fried!! The incredible edible eggplant sandwich!!! Our other favorite food is fried green tomatoes, and fried zucchini, you see a trend. Anyway, i cooked eggplant parmasean the other day, and oh my gosh it was good!! So i thought what else can i do with eggplant. Well, why not make a sandwich! So here it is, one of the most yummiest things ever, and I made it!!! It's sooo easy. On a muli-grain ciabatta roll, toasted with garlic butter. Fry- or im sure you could bake, which i will actually try next time-, in grape seed oil thinly cut rounds of eggplant. I use panko bread crumbs that i season with garlic powder, onion salt, oregano and some parsley. While those are drying i saute red pepper and red onion. Then i attempted to make a garlic aioli, but didn't have lemon juice, so just used mayo. I put slices of eggplant on the ciabatta, then topped with fresh mozzarella, toasted to melt the cheese, then topped with tomato and pepper/onion mix and was in HEAVEN!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers day

Not only was my son physically here this mothers day, as opposed to being in my tummy. But so was my mother! It was great. I have to be honest and say this holiday has never meant so much. I was always a mom to my dolls, and pets, but come on-as much as i treated them like humans, they let me sleep through the night, didn't teeth, pull my hair, throw up on me, need to be taken in and out of a car seat several thousand times a day, have as many cute clothes that i had to make a very hard decision buying, continue crying when i consoled them, hurt when i got them, or keep me from working. Of course, those are my favorite things about being a mom. Aaron was deathly sick this mothers day, so we will be celebrating next weekend. Me and my mom had a great time. She cooked me an awesome breakfast, we went on a great walk with dominic and he went on his first swing (pics to come) and we went to springdale which is the closest thing to home here in So Ut! I love my mom, and every day i see things in myself that remind me of her, to the way i talk and sound, to how i clean and decorate. She is so generous, and i know now how much she loves me and why she called all my friends house's to make sure i was really there, and only wanted the best for me.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dominics room

Im finally posting! I feel kinda funny saying that because im not sure anyone reads this. But oh well.
I finally have D's room done,well, with what i can do on our budget and the fact that were renting and i can't paint any walls. The biggest thing i was working on was his bookcase, i bought it before he was born and it was BRIGHT red. I knew i would paint it, i just never knew what color. so alone in the closet it sat until recently. I was blog surfing and came across a blog where this girl painted a dresser and nightstand YELLOW! I would never think to paint anything yellow, but it turned out great and now i am inlove with yellow! The primary colors in his room are blue, cream and brown so i was planning on painting it brown. Boy im glad id didn't. Painting and sanding sucked more than i thought it would, but all in all, im glad i got the experience and now know what i have to look forward to when i buy something and plan on changing the color. I also recently got 4 new dining chairs that need painting, so we will see how that turns out. Besides the bookcase, i bought some boat shaped hooks for the wall that i was also going to paint, and good heavens was that a disaster. Long story short, i finally spray painted them, thanks to my sis in law kendall, and it was a done deal. I do love his room, and am so in love with him

The before: The after:

The before: The after:

Curtains for his closet

I found really cheap floating shelves, which i love floating shelves. I am debating on painting these as well.I love my antique rocking chair i found for $50 at a consignment shop. And the chandelier above it is a little feminine, but it really doesn't go anywhere else in my house.

this art desk i got for 50% off, and i figured one day he will use it.

I found these darling canvas prints for super cheap online! I hope they aren't too babyish, and can grow with his room.

I got three of these huge toy bins at big lots, one is red. I have that in his closet for now.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Iron Man

No, im not going to be in the iron man competition that is coming to St. George next month. But it has found a way to become an inspiration to me. Lately in my spin classes, I have been getting emotional while im spinning away as fast as i can. The awesome lady who teaches this class is also the one who teaches the kickbox class i go to once a week and she is competing. I also wonder if she is a motivational speaker, the power of her words during my workout have made me push harder than i ever have before and are the reason for my feelings. I have always been active, i can't remember a year in school i didn't play volleyball, soccer or basketball. All i said was "play" I didn't say i was good. Even while attending a HUGE university i had the guts to play inter-mural soccer (what i was thinking-i have no idea), But i never gave it my all. In any sport i played. Since becoming an adult and working out, it is completely different experience than playing sports as a teenager. I actually care what im doing! I love love love the feeling after a workout, when your sore, sweaty and just pushed yourself to feel stronger. I have never done spin before, just the past month, but it's so much more than just a workout. It's an hour to myself to just think. I have no desire to ride bikes....i like the atmosphere of my class a lot. The lights are turned off, the music is loud and Nicole, the instructor, is telling you how hard you have to work to get what you want. And what i want is to feel good about myself, in a bikini! Most the people in the class are avid bike riders, they have those special shoes, do all the marathons and have really cool workout clothes. Even though i can say i will probably never be as great as athletes as them, being there knowing im part of their workout is a great feeling. Working out has become something that makes me feel better about myself, i have total control over it and after every class or home work out i do; is an accomplishment i am proud of. So here's to the iron man competitors, i look up to you and you must be crazy to do what you do!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A week in the life......

of the Jaspersons. Let me begin:
Monday: Aaron goes to work at 8:30am and gets home at 9:30pm. Sabrina and dominic stay home cleaning, singing, dancing, cleaning, eating, eating, sleeping.
Tuesday: Aaron goes to work at 8:30, sabrina takes dominic to sitter at 10:30. Sabrina works until 5:30, picks up dominic, picks up aaron, we all go grocery shopping and get home around 8pm. Dominic gets a bath, aaron cooks dinner and sabrina un packs groceries.
Wendsday: Aaron goes to work at 8:30, sabrina goes to kickboxing and takes dominic to daycare at 9. Sabrina and dominic come home and clean, sing, dance, clean and eat. Aaron gets home around 8pm. We eat dinner, give baths and go to bed.
Thursday: Aaron goes to work at 8:30. Sabrina and dominic stay home. Aaron gets home around 8pm. we eat dinner,give baths and go to bed.
Friday: Aaron works at golf course from 8-2. Sabrina works from 3-7. We eat dinner and go to bed.
Saturday: Sabrina works from 8-2. Aaron works at golf course from 2-6. Sabrina and aaron attempt to spend time together, but are tired and leave eachother alone.
Sunday: Sabrina works from 7-1. Not sure what aaron does on this day. We prepare to do it all again next week.

Im not sure i remember seeing my husband lately, and this schedule is only gonna get worse when school starts and I want another baby!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Ive waited 27yrs to hear that sound....

The sound im talking about is my baby. The other day i was getting ready in my bathroom, and dominic was laying on my bed, and he coughed. This wasn't the first time he had made a noise, but it made me smile. The door was closed, and just hearing MY BABY on the other side of that door, knowing that a person I created is out there living his life happy as can be, is still amazing to me. It just reminded me how lucky i am to have a healthy baby boy, who is perfect. He is growing so fast i can't believe it. He is 6 months old today, and the cuter than i ever could of dreamed. He loves rice cereal, and eat's it once a day. I gave him a little banana today too, which he loved even more. I know i should start with veggies, it's just i was eating a banana and he was staring at it, and i felt bad. He rolls and rolls to his heart's content. He LOVES his jumper, and can jump all day if you let him. I caught him staring at his hands today trying to figure them out. Im not gonna lie, I want another baby. I know having such an easy pregnancy and labor, and such a good baby is making it much easier to think about it. We'll see. Aaron works 4 days a week 9am to 8pm, and just started volunteering at the golf course one day a week, and we both want to start school. But, i want my kids close. And im not the type of person to let anything stop me. We'll see.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just plain lazy...

That's the reason i have not been blogging. And that most my family uses facebook and that's how we keep in touch. I really like blogging, and i feel like everyone has just let it go. Id like to at least do a post a week, that will be my goal! So dominic is 5 months, i can't believe it!!! every month i tell myself i can't believe it when he is gonna be another month older and it came and went, sad how fast time goes! He is HUGE! Well, to me anyway. He is 15.7lbs and 24in long! According to some baby books, he is right on track for a full term baby of his age, which is great! However, he is wearing mostly 3month clothes, i know all the clothing sizes are different. Some shirts he wears are 9months, so go figure. He just rolled over the other day, and loves his bumbo and aunt kendalls jump a roo- i mean he loves it!!! I attempted cereal, but his tounge reflex is still so big he pushes it right out. He has been sleeping through the night since about 4months, and that's when we put him in his crib. He had no problem making the switch. However, he does make it into our bed sometimes. Im sure all mom's love it, but it really is the best sleeping with your baby! He smells so good, and i could just tickle him all day! He loves to laugh and play with us.