Thursday, June 12, 2008

Were Moving.....

Across town, we have been spoiled long enough living in kendalls gorgeous home. We will be moving into one of my boss's propertys, a 3bed/2.5bath townhome. Luckily I happen to be the propery manager of the subdivision, so we say what goes.Im excited about it becasue it has a 2 car garage, and stairs! I have always wanted stairs. There are some downsides, like the kitchen is isolated and it's not very good for entertaining, which after were married we will be doing a lot of, because once your married that's what you do. And our nightstands won't fit on both sides of the bed, so it won't look like a magazine anymore-i mean who doens't have 2 nightstands on both sides of the bed?? But we do have a door off the master to the backyard, and aaron will have to keep his clothes upstairs in the guest room because the closet isnt that big in the master. I will actually have to keep my shoes upstaris as well, they just don't make closet's bigenough these days for the modern girl :) But overall it's a cute townhome and cheap rent! Hopefully we will be buying a house in the next yr.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


So we did it! We got engagment photo's-just one step closer to actually getting married! We are so blessed we know 2 people who are willing to take out photos for FREE....Kendall and my boss krista. These photos were on a complete spur of the moment, I actually had a whole weekend off work!!! So Friday I told my boss this is pretty much the only day I can take photos-and luckily it worked for her too! She doesnt' have 2 little rug rats like kendall, so it will have to be carfefully planned when Kendall and I both have free time-but don't think we forgot about ya kendall! This was a very strange day in St. George-it was may and raining, besides the 2 hours we were taking photos :) Now, I can only imagine what an actual photographer would cost and am gald we ended up with these amazing shots at no cost! I think krista did a great job, so good I can't decide what one's to pick!! It's very weird seeing good pics of aaron and I, most our pictures are off my camera and pretty much suck! I'm so excited for the big day-what a wonderful week that will be (when it's over)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Forever Young Prom

Here is aaron in his Miami Vice suit lookin hot
Becky, Leah and Me lookin Hot. Love becky's face!
Trying to stick my butt out as far as I could
I had to take a pic of aaron's sandles. This would of been our prom pic, if we dated in the 80's.

So our friend scott had a "prom" theme party, and aaron and I decided to go early 80's/Miami Vice. To tell you the truth, I'm not sure what era my dress was, I guess it was just short :) We had a blast, and most girls thought my dress for reals...haha!! Aaron got these great sandles to go with his white suit-he was smokin!