Thursday, October 27, 2011

3rd wheel...


You two are so amazinly cute, I want to eat you! You both love eachother so much, I feel like the 3rd wheel sometimes. Peyton, you smile like i have never seen when dominic is talking to you, and Dominic, only baby can you smile ALL the time. Dominic, all you talk about it BABY, you tickle him, love to feed him-although you tease him with the bottle-are always willing to give him is blanky or "B" when he spits up you make sure to tell me. Peyton, your face lights up when your big brother comes in the room. You two have so much fun together, im so lucky i get to enjoy it now. I know you are best friends, but im sure there will come a day when you have your fights. You two can make eachother laugh like no one else, Dominic, you think you are so funny when your teasing peyton. You have started to tell him "NO" for no reason at all, and take his toys, but are quick to give them back when you notice someone has seen you. I just can't say enough how happy it makes me to see you two together, and it's only been 5 months :)

Love you,


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Brotherly Love


You two love eachother so much. Dominic, the first thing you do whenever you get up from a nap or the night, is ask for baby and point to my room ( peyton, you are still sleeping with me).  You love to talk to him, try feeding him, wipe his face when he spits up, try to hold him and kiss him, you LOVE it when he lays in your crib with you. While we are in the store, you will tell people walking by that he is your baby. Peyton, you love it when he talks to you, you look at him like he is the only person in the world. You smile at him when he is being silly, and try your hardest not to cry when he is to rough with you. As you grow, you will know how much i wanted girls, ( there is still hope for a sister) but im over the moon that god gave me you two peanuts. I hope you have what your uncle Garrett and i didn't share, which was friendship. We were only 3yrs apart, but just didn't have much in common growing up. As you get older, you will realize the pricelessnes of siblings. It makes me so happy to see you two be so intriguing by the other,  and it's only been 3months. Im so excited for the future with my boys!

I love you,


Monday, August 8, 2011

Dominic, your 2!!!

Oh Dominic!! What can i say to you....that i fricken LOVE you soooo much!!! And today you are 2 yrs old. Wow, that went fast. Hoepfully when you are reading these letters, you will be able to really grasp how fast time goes by.  Right now you are very into cars-like the hot wheel kind, and balls. You got an awesome monster truck from Uncle Scott, Your papa Jay's brother, and you LOVE it. The noises you make while playing is darling and you try to carry all your little cars with you everywhere. As im typing, you are on the floor behind me pretending to drink some tomato soup, saying "awwww" after every gulp! You are jabbering all day, you LOVE your brother, but are not quite sure how to express it, you love to see a big truck when we are driving, you talk into everything electric like it's a phone, we are attempting potty training, you wipe your face, clap your hands and dance immediately when some awesome music comes on. The only song you sing to is Britney Spears "Dance until the world ends" Probably because all you can say is "oh oh oh" You love your cousins more than ANYTHING. Especially Landon and Kailyn, and let me tell you, they love you just as much. You all will be great friends.  Im so glad your dad and I made the decision to move home to be closer to family. Even if that meant living in an apt for a while, until we could afford a house. Family son, is the most important thing. You will realize that someday. It took me a long while to learn that. I can not wait to watch you grow the next 2 yrs.

 I love you,

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Peyton J. Jasperson

It's been so great to know you my love! You started to come on a Friday night, we had pasta for dinner and were watching Despicable Me with your brother. I had my 39 week check up the day before or that day, i forget. I had been having small contractions all day, nothing serious, I remember thinking you were never going to come, but joked you were coming that weekend.  At about 8pm we started timing the contractions, we went to the hospital by midnight, and your MiMi came to stay with Dominic. The contractions were unbearable, i could not take it and got an epidural. You were born 20min later, i should of waited!  You were born at 3:25am,  and the cutest thing ever. I am sitting here now, looking at you laying on the couch in the boppy, making baby noises. I am so lucky. Your brother ADORES you, first thing he says every time he wakes up, Is "BABY" he tries very hard to be helpful, by giving (throwing) your binky at you, covering you up (just your face) with a blanket and comforting (hitting) you when you cry. You have very generous grandparents, who love you more than you know.  I am so glad you were sent to me safely, your brother and yourself are my life!  I hope i make you proud my love.

I love you,


Saturday, May 7, 2011

My sweet first born

Oh Dominic, today we are having a baby shower for your little brother. As exciting as a baby shower is, it can not compare to that of your first child. Nothing is comparable to your first anything when it comes to having kids. I feel more prepared, although i am prepared to be surprised with having 2 babies under 2. Im so excited to celebrate the coming of a brother for you, however the gifts become less meaningful, the clothes become less cute and the diapers seem less exciting. I say this only because reality set in when you arrived, and life becomes less about the material things. I love thinking back about my pregnancy and labor with you. It was a breeze, probably to save my energy for when you got older :) You came 6 weeks early, just to meet us! Sometimes i don't feel like a mom, i feel like your are just my best friend i get to hang out with all the time. I love being with you!!  In these last few weeks that we have to ourselves, I want to cherish them. I want to stare at you, smell you, kiss you, hold you and watch you play until were no longer alone. You have been more than i could ever thought having a child could be, in a good way. You are hilarious, sneaky, stubborn, smart and ADORABLE beyond comprehension. You will be an amazing big brother, i hope you someday understand how much i love you, however i know you cant until you have your own baby one day.

I love you Dominic,


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Learning Fast

Dear Dominic,

You are learning so fast these days! People tell me you can tell something is about to change at your house, with the arrival of your brother, Im not sure i believe it. You can't possibly know there is a person in mommys tummy, i think! Sometimes i have a hard time comprehending how that miracle works. You say baby when you pull up my shirt, and sometimes even daddy's, yours and your cousins shirts :) You throw things in the garbage for us, put your clothes in the hamper, grab your diapers and shoes when asked. Lately you love to put shoes on, mine, dads and yours. It is so wonderful watching the things you learn. You copy me with my makeup, eyelash curler and hair brush. Today we are looking at our new stroller and you point to the car seat and say baby, while trying to do the buckles. I know you will be an amazing big brother, and such a big help. I can't wait to see you teach your brother the things you learn, hopefully only the good things.

I love you,


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Not my idea

Dear Sons,

I have to tell you that this Journal was not my idea. I ran across it from a former co-worker, that i have much respect for, and knew i had to have one for my kids too. I had already had a blog, but wasn't good at keeping up on it, and it wasn't just letters to you, it was about our life-which became to busy for me to write about. Anyway, as i struggle sometimes on what to write to you, i think that i need to go to this co workers blog to see how she writes to her kids. Then i get mad that i can't do this myself and don't look at her blog and dont end up writing to you. Well there is a big difference between me and this co-worker, therefore there will be a difference between what we write our children. I wanted you to know that it is ok to do things the way you want to, the way that things come to you and are executed by you, are who you are. I spend so much time analyzing how to do things perfect or better, that it takes up to much time and i don't end up doing them at all. I hope that you don't struggle with that, and are able to just do things. A lot of times, your first instinct is the right one. I love you boys,

Love your Mother.

Friday, April 8, 2011


I have been wanting to do this for so long, gosh.....20 months to be exact. I thought I would document every diaper change, feeding, outing, movement, and accomplishment of you. Boy was i wrong. I underestimated the job i had just hired myself for, for the rest of my life. Oh, Dominic you have kept me so busy i get exhausted just watching you. And im still in my roaring 20's!! I will make it my passion to give you and your brother the memories of your childhood. Today you are 1 day away from being 20 months old. I had no idea what happiness you would bring me, and sometimes pain. I want this journal to be a way for you to look back and hopefully see how much you mean to your dad and I. You are growing so fast. You learn a new word almost everyday, but no word can compare to your favorite "No". You say no, to EVERYTHING you are asked, even while nodding your head up and down. You love mickey mouse clubhouse, you will smile,sing and dance when you hear it on the TV. You dance the second you hear any kind of music. Right now you love Katy Perry, Bruno Mars and Anything else on the radio for that matter. I have to go put you down for a nap now, you love to take naps with dad or I. I love you!