Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mom car

Well, i guess im pretty glad i got pregnant because it made me have to get a new car. The jetta was not cuttin it for a car seat and a 6'3" husband. So i went out and bought a new Mom car! I love it, well i don't love it, it's no BMW........but it will do. We looked for a while, and decided a saturn vue was in our price range, plus we liked the way it looked. This is only the second time i have gotten a "new" car, well it's not new but an 05' isn't that bad, and I always end up getting the car i think I could never get. When he showed it to me, with how cute it is, the low miles,the fact that you can tell which direction your going plus the temputure in the rear view window and the year, I thought I cant afford that car-but what do ya know- I guess I can! It will be perfect for my new lifestlye filled with strollers, car seats, and crying baby. Plus the bass rocks and tinted windows makes it extra hot for a new mom.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Im taking prayers

This could be all wrong, I could be going to hell for just the thought......but I want a girl. Now, I also want a healthy baby much more than a little mini me, but Im just that girl who is meant to have girl. I feel awful for thinking it and even got quite upset reading an article about a woman who had two boys and was devastated when she found out her third child was a gonna be a girl. She says she doesn't understand girls and they are manipulative, and she loves her boys. I felt bad for this baby girl. Now this won't be me, if i have all boys I will be happy with them and then adopt a female. I feel it's an experience I couldn't imagine going through life not having. I love the relationship me and my mom have, and me and like to have it with a human too. Sisters are amazing too, I never had one and would love to give that relationship to my children. I love my brother more than anything, don't get me wrong. I want more than one child and I want my child to have a brother and a sister, but for now I hope this person inside me is a girl. I cry when I look at little girl clothes, and I get bored looking at boy clothes. I have amazing girl names and can't decide on a boy name. Im pretty horrible, if my son reads this in a few yrs, I love you and im sorry if I put you in a few girly outfits and made you listen to britney spears.