Thursday, April 15, 2010

Iron Man

No, im not going to be in the iron man competition that is coming to St. George next month. But it has found a way to become an inspiration to me. Lately in my spin classes, I have been getting emotional while im spinning away as fast as i can. The awesome lady who teaches this class is also the one who teaches the kickbox class i go to once a week and she is competing. I also wonder if she is a motivational speaker, the power of her words during my workout have made me push harder than i ever have before and are the reason for my feelings. I have always been active, i can't remember a year in school i didn't play volleyball, soccer or basketball. All i said was "play" I didn't say i was good. Even while attending a HUGE university i had the guts to play inter-mural soccer (what i was thinking-i have no idea), But i never gave it my all. In any sport i played. Since becoming an adult and working out, it is completely different experience than playing sports as a teenager. I actually care what im doing! I love love love the feeling after a workout, when your sore, sweaty and just pushed yourself to feel stronger. I have never done spin before, just the past month, but it's so much more than just a workout. It's an hour to myself to just think. I have no desire to ride bikes....i like the atmosphere of my class a lot. The lights are turned off, the music is loud and Nicole, the instructor, is telling you how hard you have to work to get what you want. And what i want is to feel good about myself, in a bikini! Most the people in the class are avid bike riders, they have those special shoes, do all the marathons and have really cool workout clothes. Even though i can say i will probably never be as great as athletes as them, being there knowing im part of their workout is a great feeling. Working out has become something that makes me feel better about myself, i have total control over it and after every class or home work out i do; is an accomplishment i am proud of. So here's to the iron man competitors, i look up to you and you must be crazy to do what you do!