Monday, August 8, 2011

Dominic, your 2!!!

Oh Dominic!! What can i say to you....that i fricken LOVE you soooo much!!! And today you are 2 yrs old. Wow, that went fast. Hoepfully when you are reading these letters, you will be able to really grasp how fast time goes by.  Right now you are very into cars-like the hot wheel kind, and balls. You got an awesome monster truck from Uncle Scott, Your papa Jay's brother, and you LOVE it. The noises you make while playing is darling and you try to carry all your little cars with you everywhere. As im typing, you are on the floor behind me pretending to drink some tomato soup, saying "awwww" after every gulp! You are jabbering all day, you LOVE your brother, but are not quite sure how to express it, you love to see a big truck when we are driving, you talk into everything electric like it's a phone, we are attempting potty training, you wipe your face, clap your hands and dance immediately when some awesome music comes on. The only song you sing to is Britney Spears "Dance until the world ends" Probably because all you can say is "oh oh oh" You love your cousins more than ANYTHING. Especially Landon and Kailyn, and let me tell you, they love you just as much. You all will be great friends.  Im so glad your dad and I made the decision to move home to be closer to family. Even if that meant living in an apt for a while, until we could afford a house. Family son, is the most important thing. You will realize that someday. It took me a long while to learn that. I can not wait to watch you grow the next 2 yrs.

 I love you,