Monday, February 20, 2012

Growing Up

Dear Sons,

You two are getting big. And smart. And handsome.
 Peyton, you stood up yesterday for the first time, while at the bottom step, but kept slipping because of the hardwood floors. You have been army crawling for a while now, and are starting to take toys from your brother. Well, he won't allow you to take, but you try and are mad when you can't. You have become a binky lover, at 8 months- i think that is weird. I attribute it to teething. Your wearing 12-18 month clothing, some 24 month even. You have never lost your hair, and are getting more of it. Your eyes are getting darker, i hope they will turn out like your dad's and brothers, brown. And i might be biased, but your the most handsome 9month old i have ever seen, Im not surprised, but you have exceeded my expectations of our second child.

Dominic, you have been sleeping on the top bunk for a few weeks now, i flinch at every sound i hear every time you are in there. I get up every night and make sure you are safely away from the ladder. You are talking so much, and sometimes i just want some peace. You love to dance, and start moving the second music comes on. You love to sing too, and are the most fun to watch. Your very concerned with who is playing, or even looking at your toys, no one can get passed you. Your my best friend, and i love spending time with you.  Im so blessed to be both your mom.

I love you,