Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's happening

Im on my way to fullfilling my destiny, besides being a back up dancer for britney spears, as a MOM! I was going to wait to post until I went to dr. but to consolodate visits i am waiting until I am 12 weeks, as I have been told that is when you can hear the heart beat. I have been a mom to many of things: dolls, cats, dogs, rats any other animal that would let me hold it and now I will finally get to hear "mom" eventually. Im pretty much hating everything my body has been doing to show me something is different, it has been much more obvious this week. And then there is Aaron. I knew I married him for this and his role is finally kicking into high gear, he has been more supportive, sensative, willing, happy and excited to have this baby than I have. If this is what i get my first month, I can't wait to see how things are in the ninth! And bootsy has been great too, she is still confused about where her room is. I moved her room to rid where we will put the crib of cat things so baby will have a clean space. Not that bootsy isn't clean, I keep her clean, but she's still a cat and licks the carpet.