Monday, June 29, 2009

29 weeks (but I think 30)

Baby shower #1

I had a baby shower!!!! That means I am actually going to have a BABY......OMG! I still can't believe it. I really really can't believe it. Im not at all upset about having a boy first, but still can't believe I produced one. I guess his dad had somin to do with it.
So about the shower. I have this sister in law, kendall. She has a sister in law, becky. Together they are my friends and the best girls to throw a shower ever!!! They put together a great time on saturday for me, and I love them! The games we played were perfect, all about celebrity moms and their kids, I won both :) I don't get why that is weird that i know so much about famous people's lives. It's a guilty pleasure for kendall and myself. The food was great, and I got my first diapers. They are so cute, which goes back to the fact that I still can't believe I am going to be in charge of a human can fit into a newborn diaper! I had such a good time, thanks girls!!
I am so sad I didn't get any pics of becky, kendall or I-so these are the best i could do :)


I don't know what it is, I don't think Im easily persuaded, but I ususally end up enjoying the things aaron does. MMA (the cage fighting guys), basketball, football, and now golf. The first three for obvious reasons-there is usually food involved when watching-but I used to despise golf. If you catch me on a off day I will probably have a few choice words to say about it, but i think I actually watched 30 min of it and didn't mind!! So latley I have been wanting to go play at a real course with aaron, going to the driving range is a common occurance for us, but playing 18 holes, I have never! And i still never have, we finally went and I made it 3 holes. Which equaled about 30 swings for me ( your supposed to only swing about 4 per hole) It was a lot of fun, and I actually can't wait to go back! I love riding in the golf cart, It's a great way to get your legs tan with out your face and I can sit and try to catch the chipmumks while aaron's plays.

Monday, June 8, 2009

My husband

I know it's a little bit early, but I wanted to do a special Fathers day tribute to Aaron. I was going through my pics and realized I have so many of aaron, but I ususally just post pics with me in them :)
So, Happy early FIRST FATHERS DAY sweetie!!
I have to say how proud I am of aaron recently, but especially the past year. Everyone know's what a "rocky" (to say the not ashamed) relationship we have had over 9 yrs in the making. It was febuary of 08' when aaron proposed and ill tell ya-he had a lot of guts to want to be in my family and he was just in time to turn his life around in a better direction. Aaron has had to deal with things that most people would of given up on themselves by now, but he keeps trying to make it. I love how he is so optomistic, sensative and caring. I can tell him anything and know he won't judge me. He gives me advice that I would never hear from other people, sometimes that's a bad thing....hehe, but other times it's just what I needed to hear to make the right decision. He want's more than anything to be a good provider for our family, and with times as tough as they have ever been, he is willing to do anything to do so. Luckily I am able to support my spending addiction on what used to be household goods and purses to now baby goods and maternity clothes, so aaron will never have to have that on his plate. But I know if that is what I wanted, he would do what he could to give it to me. He recently has started to quit smoking and started a 4 week workout course with his brother to get in shape!! I couldn't be happier, and he already has started to feel even better. So thanks so much for all you do my love. It means the world to me!

Here is aaron last week with long hair

And here is what I came home to a few days ago

Here we are at Toquerville falls last month

Aaron showing Kailyn the stars, he loves her so much!!

Cooking for his Iron chef cook off

First time at the ocean, Newport beach

A real prince, my babe!

Monday, June 1, 2009

25 weeks

The coolest thing about right now is maternity pants dont have zippers or buttons.