Thursday, April 23, 2009

Its a boy, not a girl

Everyone was right. and it is all my fault. If i didn't boast so much about how much I wanted a girl, everyone probably would not be thinking "oh well then, she will have a boy" But i couldn't help it!!! I really feel so differently about pregnancy now, and feel even worse for feeling that way!! When the Dr. said there was outdoor plumbing, in refernece to the ultrasound picture, i stopped breathing.
"Are you sure"
"Yes, it doesnt get any clearer than that" ( pointing to "it" on the computer screen)

I couldn't help it. I started crying. I didn't know if it was because of actually finding out, or because it wasn't what i had been expecting to hear. I was releved to not hear any bad news about the babys health, and feel very blessed for that. However I can't fake this. My point was proven when i went to take back the most adorable clothes ever (for a girl) and was searching the store for baby boy clothes! They just don't make any......reason #1 for my feelings!!!! Now you say, if not any cute boy clothes is the only reason your disappointed, grow up sabrina, well i would, but there is also no cute boy ANYTHING!! They just dont make boy stuff! It's like the world is telling us, we have enough boys, here is a store full of girls clothes and a corner for those of you that have boys. I shall be in shock for a while and want to be alone.
On another note, as promised. Here are some pics of the boy inside me, not a girl.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

16 1/2 weeks

My sister in law made me, and if you know kendall, you know she won't leave you alone until you do what she wants, literally ( love you ken) So, she said you just HAVE to take a pic of your belly, i swear i had no idea you could tell this much, I guess i never walk around holding my stomach like this. So here is the first official pic, i will start doing regular post's now that I know you can tell.

Here is me last night, april 3

Here is me today, april 4th.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Lets see......

Where have I been? Well, all over the small town of St. George, thats what happen's when you work 3 jobs and live in another zip code. My jobs could not be farther apart, well actually they could but oh well. And when I try to eat lunch at home, I wonder if it is worth it to drive the extra 40 min round trip. So far i work at starbucks, free coffee and tips-pretty cool. Tuesday Mornings, have sheets and towles in every color and enough stuff to stage a 4 bedroom house-even cooler. And a personal assistant for a guy who really needed one-very busy. None of these jobs are careers, which is frusterating. I can't wait to have to be at home so I can start school again and a life full of knowledge-I am dying to learn and feel like part of this world so I can make a change! My 2 previous yrs of college were a waste because I did not know what I wanted to do, therefore doing nothing. Pregnancy is going well, I always new i was special and it was just confirmed. I have a blood type that only 15% of woman have, which means i have to get a few shots so my body doesnt fight off my fetus. Actually pretty mad, I thought pregnancy would go perfect, instead im finding out everything that could go wrong! Im not in pregnant clothes yet, so pictures are no fun. Unless you want to see what i looked liked in college when I gained some weight, just chubby. But I can't wait to start showing! I saw my stomach move last night and almost threw up, it reminded me of the matrix when they shoot those bug things into Keanu Reeves and you can see them crawling through his skin. Probably not how I should feel, but oh well!