Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just perfect

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

September 15th!!

Is the due date for my princess/prince!! I had my first appt today and it was great! They said everything looked great, Im 11 weeks and we even got to see it!! The Dr. tried to get the heartbeat up on the doplar, but she said it was a crappy one so she went to get another one and came back with the actual Dr. who will deliver and he offered to do an Ultrasound. I must say Im not sure aaron and I actually believed there was a person in me until now. It was even moving!! How cute-its head is HUGE and it's little legs and arms short, and we saw the brain! How amazing! Cant wait to find out the sex in 9 weeks!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Well, this was a great day. It started off with aaron golfing, which I usually don't mind because it gives me time to do things I want to do, and I know he is doing something he loves that is kinda exercise, i guess. I had to work until 10pm on valentines day so I figured we would just do something on sunday because we both had the day off. Aaron comes home from golfing right before I leave for work and I don't notice any roses, diamonds or puppies, so I figure ok-there will be a surprise when I get home. I tell him I wont be home until 10:30, so don't wait to eat for me. I know it will be to late to go to dinner, and I also know there is no food at the house he can cook for me. I get home at about 10:30, and give aaron his valentine: 4 new pairs of socks, heart shaped snickers (which i ate most of) and a card. He loves new socks, and I thought i didn't like snickers, he was happy! So Im looking around the room for flowers, a bag, an envelope....anything and am not seeing it. So I assume i will be getting the big surprise tomorrow, which almost made me cry I didn't even get a card on the 14th. So he tells me to go into the TV room, I open the door and the room is FULL of candles, rose petals and dinner from Olive Garden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow am I surprised, and absolutley in love! It was a great day!

These were some of the most beautiful roses i have ever seen!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rainbow cake

I saw this so incredible looking cake on my friends, Becky's blog and it looked so amazing I had to try it!!! It could also be because I was craving cake at that minute. Here are where you can find the instructions, I didn't make any frosting becasue I wasn't sure how to, even though i did read the instructions I didn't get how you made frosting out of jello. So instead I bought jello and put banannas in it, so good. Anyway, i used cool whip to dip the cake in and it was mind blowing to me. This was the 1st cake i have ever baked so i was still learning and right now just about any food is award winning to me. It turned out pretty cool looking and fun to make!!

Here is the finished product, i did make 2 pans and I guess your supposed to stack them.