Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The tree

It has been forever since I have blogged!! This thing called facebook has consumed my life! But anyway;
This will be the first of the last three christmas's I will actually be home, so Im a little excited to say the least to have my very own christmas tree!!! A christmas tree is a huge deal to me. My mom always made it a very important part of christmas. From the day after thanksgiving going to tree farms to pick one out, to the gorgeous orniments and lights that go on it. Yes, i love christmas trees! Back home there were tons of parking lot vendors that would put out their trees, or a nursery called angelos that we would go to. My mom always had the guy pull it out, twirl it and we would decide what one was the best. Grand Fir's were what I remember getting the most of, they smell so good! This year i picked out a douglas fir and im in love. The house smells wonderful, and it's a perfect shape and height! 7ft is all we did this year, until I inherit my mom's christmas ornimants, I don't have enough to go any bigger. I also forgot to put the ribbon around the tree, so it looks kinda plain. I actually don't have enough now, but Im not gettin a tree that is shorter than aaron.

Dominic is 4 months today, and has been the best part of my life! He is getting more fun to hang out with, and he laughs and talks all the time. We have his 4 month tomorrow, which means shots. He didn't do to bad last time, so im not to nervous. He has just about tripled his birth weight, and im not sure how tall he is. He is wearing some 0-3, but mostly 3 month stuff. Some 3-6 and it's so much fun to dress him!

Here are his christmas PJ's. I just had to.

Here is the before.....and the after!!