Sunday, May 25, 2008

Flower girls and Ring Bear

I have been looking for a while now for some baskets for the flower girls, and a pillow for the ring bear. I didn't plan on them matching, but while on Ebay today I ran across these and absolutley fell in love!! I think they are just gorgeous, and can't wait to see them in action.

And ofcourse the best part the darling dresses!! I just love them, I want for myself. I can't wait to see aaron's perfect nieces in them!! I am still deciding on a tux for the ring bear- Do i want ivory or black?? Either way little landon will be a stud.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

More about last weekend..........

So i didn't get to finish bragging about my wonderful weekend back in seattle, so let me finish. So after pikes place we ran over to bellevue square to go see made of honor, it was sweet and very fitting for the weekend!! Then came saturday. Up at 8am to go cake testing at 9am at Mikes amazing cakes, evedentially this is pretty popular cake place-even featured on The food network :) So we got there and what a suprise for me-the cake i thought i wanted would end up being almost $1000!!!!! Turns out fondent is pretty expensive and they can make the cake out of buttercream just the same. So I added a tier, now 4 tiers, which will serve 146 and just get a sheet cake from costco to feed the rest. i decided on square, ivory buttercream with sage green deco, which is yet to be decided. I am still unsure of the green- I might just go with all ivory, so your suggestions will be appreciated.

After Cakes we headed to Michaels were I picked out a bunch of little goodies, like vases and books and darling little boxes to put candy it!!! And my dad stopped by to have lunch with us-what a treat to have both my parents there!!!

After we re-fueld at PCC ( an all natural market which I pray Utah will get one day ) we headed up to Blakley hall for my 1st time at seeing were I will become a Jasperson!!! It was a little different than what i pictured, but even better. I have to say this wedding is going to be quite the event :) I sure have a lot of changes to make to this place to make it up to par-but we can do it. After hours at blakley hall moving tables, measureing pictures and deciding where the cake table will go- my mom and I were off to Joanne fabrics! !Here we picked out fabrics to cover the ugly pictures on the wall, my mom made an amazing fake bouquet of what I think i want my real one to look like and some flowers to go on the arch we get married under!

By this time it was 7pm and we were exhausted! So we went off to home to get ready for the bridal shower the next day. I have to say I am so blessed to have such an amazing mom who cares about perfectionism as much, actually, more than I do. This bridal shower was gorgeous!! The food was amazing, the flowers were out of this world!!! And I had a great time and got wonderful gifts, It was the best time ever! I was so happy to see old friends, get new presents-a lot more than i expected i must say- and get a glimpse of what the wedding will be like!!

My mom made me wear this veil, i didn't look good in it. Then she wanted to wear it!

So manyt gift, so thankful!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I have to praise mine as well............

Since we are not officially married, I can't call him my hubby, but since everyone else is talking about their husbands, I will talk about my Fiance. Since I have gotten home from seattle Aaron has been extremely helpful around the house. First off, when I got off the shuttle he was standing there with flowers and a balloon for missing my birthday. Then when i got home, he had kept the house in the exact way I left it.........even bed made, and bootsy happy!! Then when I get home from working or the gym, he has dinner in the oven and makes the bed-I'm so lucky!!! He even let me eat the pizza he got all for himself for dinner. Aaron also has been working esecially hard at his Job, trying to make the company more money in any way he can! It can be very stressful at times when he doesn't get 100% from all other employees, but he always has a good attitude. His goal is to not have me working in 5 years, I hope it happens! We are so excited to be married and start our family, bootsy needs some friends at home :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What a weekend............

First off I have to say what an AMAZING mother and friends I/she has. I had the best weekend yet, and the wedding hasn't even happened! I have never been so busy, or got so frusterated shopping!! What forks, plates, colors, ribbons, vases, tableclothes, runners, candy, cake, tiers, dot's or stripes, AWWWWWW!! But, it was amazing!

My mom, amazing bestest friend Dana and me started the weekend on Friday heading to TJ's to grab some candles, then off to get a trial run of my hair, which is still in the works and I'm not very satisfied. Then to R&R party rentals to pick the chairs (blond wood), tableclothes (beige), Forks (simple), Plates (white square), Punch Fountain (amazing), and what to put in the middle-which almost killed me. Now keep in mind what you have in your head-is not always what is seen with your eyes. Once I put this very elegant table with centerpiece together and put a white chair up next to it-it looked like throw up. Thus the more expensive chairs come in. After the rental place looked like a tornado hit it, we were off to Pikes Place Market to look at fresh flowers!! After only seeing tons and tons of tulips, we decided to have some lunch over looking the water, you can't get better than that! I'm getting beckened to bed, so will have to write more tomorrow!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I get to go home today!

Yay!!! My first trip back to seattle since November, I cant wait to see all the people, the places to eat, starbucks everywhere I look, shopping and traffic!!!! What a glorious day! I can't wait for my Bridal shower that my lovely mom is putting on, and to celebrate my BRITHDAY on Sat! Man, I miss Kirkland :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Blakley Hall

Here is Blakley Hall, the place we are getting married!!! Boy, did we have a tough time choosing a place! We had looked at hotels, manors, and community centers but finally found the perfect place!!! It is in Issaquah Highlands and we are so excited.

Here will be me (only way hotter ) outside where the ceremony will take place.

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Fam Dam

Cuz I miss my family so much I think I will post some pics of them. This is us in Panama for christmas, How amazing to see a 15ft alligator a few yards away from you when your in a boat that is bound to sink any min!!
Here is my Dad. I love him!!!
My bro and I being tourist is Panama.
This is a friend watching us eat breakfast.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Here is bootsy and me sharing a candy cane

Here is aaron and bootsy browsing the web
She loves being in the sun
She also likes laying on, pulling on, hanging off of and being around my clothes. Here she is on my hat shelf. I try to keep her hip by changing her collar colors often, I know she gets bored of the same color. I recently bought her a white one, with black jewels on it. She has had quite the attitude since I put it on her, she knows she's hot stuff.


I like the idea of this cake, the box and ribbon.
I like the simplicity of this one
I like the flowers and elegance of this one
I love the originality of this one
Love the ribbon here, but not on the top.

So here are some pics of cakes I like, i know I want square and 3 tiers. I like the ribbon idea, but also the simple designs. I want fondent, and it has to be cream. There are so many options I might have 2 or maybe 3 cakes. I am very indecisive and this is a full time job planning a wedding.

A little about us.........

Since I am a neat freak I will have to start from the begining. I can not have pic's or post on here that are out of order or don't go with a flow. So Here we are on Feb 2 at Zions National park, just out for a drive-or so I thought. Earlier in the week aaron suggested we stop to look at some rings just for fun, now when your with someone for almost 8 years, ring shopping means nothing. But oh was I wrong. As you can tell I was pretty surprised and excited!!

OMG I did It!!!

Omg I am so cool. I just did something I thought I could never do! Im growing up so fast. I thought to myself as I have all these friends who don't know they are friends with me, why don't I make a blog so they know who I am. So here I am, and I have to say thanks only to MK who said I should do this cuz of the wedding coming up. So being that I don't have a litter of kids, and my almost husband enjoys doing nothing and I don't know if my mom even knows how to use a keyboard, my blog will mostly be about myself, my kitty and the people who's lives I follow that are my friends, but again, don't know who I am. Such as most people on TV, and the girls of the hills.