Thursday, June 23, 2011

Peyton J. Jasperson

It's been so great to know you my love! You started to come on a Friday night, we had pasta for dinner and were watching Despicable Me with your brother. I had my 39 week check up the day before or that day, i forget. I had been having small contractions all day, nothing serious, I remember thinking you were never going to come, but joked you were coming that weekend.  At about 8pm we started timing the contractions, we went to the hospital by midnight, and your MiMi came to stay with Dominic. The contractions were unbearable, i could not take it and got an epidural. You were born 20min later, i should of waited!  You were born at 3:25am,  and the cutest thing ever. I am sitting here now, looking at you laying on the couch in the boppy, making baby noises. I am so lucky. Your brother ADORES you, first thing he says every time he wakes up, Is "BABY" he tries very hard to be helpful, by giving (throwing) your binky at you, covering you up (just your face) with a blanket and comforting (hitting) you when you cry. You have very generous grandparents, who love you more than you know.  I am so glad you were sent to me safely, your brother and yourself are my life!  I hope i make you proud my love.

I love you,