Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our Funeral

I know, sounds sad. It was, but totally worth celebrating for!!

Our friends Angie and Jen threw us a "Funeral" for aaron's and mine last weekend as single folk. We had no idea what was going on and we came over and everything was black? I was a bit confused at first, but it clicked after a min. We had a great time, got to eat great food! Aaron made jalepenos stuffed with goat and cream cheese with prochuto on top. I don't think most of the words in that sentance were spelled correctly, but you get the point! They were bomb! It was a special night, were so greatful for the friends we have made here in Utah. It made us feel special! Here are some pics of deco at jens house, I didn't get to many good ones :(

If you look close, you can see aaron in a hat. Yes, it's the Gilligans hat- I wasn't fond.

Here is the funeral setting outside

Jen, Me and Angie.

Jen pouring the champagne fountain, didn't work to good

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Johnny & Alli said...

That is freaking awesome! I love it. Why are you letting Aaron wear Gilligan hats? You know those are hidious! Do your job Sabrina...this is about to be your husband!