Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Im taking prayers

This could be all wrong, I could be going to hell for just the thought......but I want a girl. Now, I also want a healthy baby much more than a little mini me, but Im just that girl who is meant to have girl. I feel awful for thinking it and even got quite upset reading an article about a woman who had two boys and was devastated when she found out her third child was a gonna be a girl. She says she doesn't understand girls and they are manipulative, and she loves her boys. I felt bad for this baby girl. Now this won't be me, if i have all boys I will be happy with them and then adopt a female. I feel it's an experience I couldn't imagine going through life not having. I love the relationship me and my mom have, and me and like to have it with a human too. Sisters are amazing too, I never had one and would love to give that relationship to my children. I love my brother more than anything, don't get me wrong. I want more than one child and I want my child to have a brother and a sister, but for now I hope this person inside me is a girl. I cry when I look at little girl clothes, and I get bored looking at boy clothes. I have amazing girl names and can't decide on a boy name. Im pretty horrible, if my son reads this in a few yrs, I love you and im sorry if I put you in a few girly outfits and made you listen to britney spears.


J Family said...

Oh you are hilarious! You will have a boy becuase of all this. :) I wanted a boy with Alexis and felt the same as you do. I am one to have a boy- I liked boy things better- but look at me now. We are trapped in a whirlwind of girly and I love it!!! Whatever it is you will jump into whatever world need be. :)

Carly and Cameron said...

This is awesome! You know I felt the same way but I wouldn't have said it out loud. You are super great Breezy! I hope you have a girl... but how about just rest easy that which ever sex you get they'll be super duper hot!! ;)