Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just keeps getting better

Wow, has dominic grown the last week or what! He is 9lbs 2oz and looks like a chucky monkey! He is so great to hang out with, he smiles when you talk to him, he is cooing and he can just hang out on the couch or bed and be fine with it. He can actually make his bouncer move now when he is in it, he used to be too lite. He can hold his head up pretty good and had just about outgrown his newborn stuff! I knew i would love being a mom, but this kid has far surpassed my expectations of how much i could love anything! I dont know if any other child could be any cuter. I finally decided on a video camera and it should be here soon so I can start capturing these precious moments.


Johnny & Alli said...

He really is the cutest! I miss him. You guys should come for Christmas again!!

beck said...

He is so cute! It was fun to get together on sunday! I loved holding him. :)

ashtrost said...

So I told Brian that Aaron likes his blog. It made Brian want to do a post tonight. Check it out. It's so true and so funny. I'm so glad you're loving being a mother. It's the hardest but most rewarding experience ever.