Saturday, March 6, 2010

A week in the life......

of the Jaspersons. Let me begin:
Monday: Aaron goes to work at 8:30am and gets home at 9:30pm. Sabrina and dominic stay home cleaning, singing, dancing, cleaning, eating, eating, sleeping.
Tuesday: Aaron goes to work at 8:30, sabrina takes dominic to sitter at 10:30. Sabrina works until 5:30, picks up dominic, picks up aaron, we all go grocery shopping and get home around 8pm. Dominic gets a bath, aaron cooks dinner and sabrina un packs groceries.
Wendsday: Aaron goes to work at 8:30, sabrina goes to kickboxing and takes dominic to daycare at 9. Sabrina and dominic come home and clean, sing, dance, clean and eat. Aaron gets home around 8pm. We eat dinner, give baths and go to bed.
Thursday: Aaron goes to work at 8:30. Sabrina and dominic stay home. Aaron gets home around 8pm. we eat dinner,give baths and go to bed.
Friday: Aaron works at golf course from 8-2. Sabrina works from 3-7. We eat dinner and go to bed.
Saturday: Sabrina works from 8-2. Aaron works at golf course from 2-6. Sabrina and aaron attempt to spend time together, but are tired and leave eachother alone.
Sunday: Sabrina works from 7-1. Not sure what aaron does on this day. We prepare to do it all again next week.

Im not sure i remember seeing my husband lately, and this schedule is only gonna get worse when school starts and I want another baby!!


J Family said...

That's what I was going to say. You only have one and he is a baby. Wait till you have to throw play dates, sports, etc. in there. It's all possible and worth it but one day it will just hit!! At least that's what it has done for me this year.

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