Wednesday, May 27, 2009

24 weeks and counting

Since I am in the mood, might as well post all i can. So, lets is still pretty unbelieveable i am pregnant and continues to surprise me everytime i catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and notice i look like a "who" ( from dr. seuss) or i catch myself waddeling. I am officially in my 6th month, and my dr. says i might be a few days ahead of scheduale. Which to me means if my due date is 9/15, Im hopeing he comes 8/30.......i can hope right. I have officially gained 20lbs and am really letting myself go, Not at all how i envisioned pregnancy being. I thought I could still do all my workout routnines, just modify them to that of a pregnant lady. Well, i didn't realize while being pregnant you don't feel like doing anything. After being on my feet all day at starbucks, lifting weights is the last thing i want to do. So instead of kickboxing I have started a new routine.....walking! It get's the job done of burning some calories, but I can't wait to start working out again. Walking is for wimps. Thus not being the reason for no pics, i will post some. I just need to find cute enough clothes that fit, im in a bit of a odd stage now where everything i wear makes me look like a piligimist.


J Family said...

I was thinking just this morning how you need to make that baby fat. Fat babies are easier- and believe it or not 1 lb. makes a big difference in a newborn. A&H were over 8 lbs. and C&J were only 7 and they gave me more sleepless nights eating. Keep up the walking to keep your body in good condition for labor but do what you can to fatten that baby up!! :)

Carly and Cameron said...

MK always told me to enjoy my pregnancy as much as I could, unfortunately I didn't really get what she meant until after I had Cam. So I'll say it to you... enjoy your pregnancy as much as you can! It's really a wonderful time even though you are so uncomfortable. Why does everything make you look like a polygamist? hahaha that is so funny!