Thursday, May 28, 2009

My idol, My muse, My star

So, last christmas aaron got me my ultimate gift-Tickets to see BRITNEY SPEARS!! At the time, we didn't know i was pregnant, so it was a great gift! Still a great gift, but would of been more fun not with child. So back on april 25th becky and i headed to Las Vegas to watch this wonderwoman perform. Plus the pussy cat dolls opened for her, so it was bound to be a great show. The pussy cat dolls were awesome, and so was britney's opening show. There were acrobats (?) and people doing amazing things before the princess of pop came on. Then she came down from the ceiling, and lip synched her entire show. All 2 hours of it. I can't say im not surprised, she was doing all sorts of dancing and flying, so ofcourse it would be hard to sing. Our seats were good, lets just say i wasn't in the front row-but not in the back row. Although I could touch it......anyway, I love my husband for the wonderful gift!!

Here are beck and me at the VIP lounge, we also got a free back massage.

The stage

Just britney



beck said...

yea! That was so much fun! I am stealing these pics too!

Carly and Cameron said...

How fun. I think just the experience of any concert is fun no matter how good the performance is. :) I'm not suprised that she lipsynced (SP?) cause she is pretty active. And pretty naked I heard too. The princess of pop... that is funny! ;) Glad you had fun!