Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dominics room

Im finally posting! I feel kinda funny saying that because im not sure anyone reads this. But oh well.
I finally have D's room done,well, with what i can do on our budget and the fact that were renting and i can't paint any walls. The biggest thing i was working on was his bookcase, i bought it before he was born and it was BRIGHT red. I knew i would paint it, i just never knew what color. so alone in the closet it sat until recently. I was blog surfing and came across a blog where this girl painted a dresser and nightstand YELLOW! I would never think to paint anything yellow, but it turned out great and now i am inlove with yellow! The primary colors in his room are blue, cream and brown so i was planning on painting it brown. Boy im glad id didn't. Painting and sanding sucked more than i thought it would, but all in all, im glad i got the experience and now know what i have to look forward to when i buy something and plan on changing the color. I also recently got 4 new dining chairs that need painting, so we will see how that turns out. Besides the bookcase, i bought some boat shaped hooks for the wall that i was also going to paint, and good heavens was that a disaster. Long story short, i finally spray painted them, thanks to my sis in law kendall, and it was a done deal. I do love his room, and am so in love with him

The before: The after:

The before: The after:

Curtains for his closet

I found really cheap floating shelves, which i love floating shelves. I am debating on painting these as well.I love my antique rocking chair i found for $50 at a consignment shop. And the chandelier above it is a little feminine, but it really doesn't go anywhere else in my house.

this art desk i got for 50% off, and i figured one day he will use it.

I found these darling canvas prints for super cheap online! I hope they aren't too babyish, and can grow with his room.

I got three of these huge toy bins at big lots, one is red. I have that in his closet for now.


Tara said...

LOVE it...look at you gettin' your craft on!!! You did a fantastic job!! Love the whole room! If you want any vinyl just let me know! I would love to make some for little D! :)

J Family said...

Sorry I didn't get a specific for the yellow for you. Busy lives. I keep putting off decorating thinking-- "we won't be here much longer" ah 7 years later, oh well! :)

J Pelham Family said...

Super Cute Sabrina! BTW- I read it!! Love his room, you did an amazing job!

dunlop family said...

you did such a GREAT job miss sabrina! i am in LOVE with that yellow shelf!

worldamazingfacts said...

ya so good intiriour is tooooo good for kids..