Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers day

Not only was my son physically here this mothers day, as opposed to being in my tummy. But so was my mother! It was great. I have to be honest and say this holiday has never meant so much. I was always a mom to my dolls, and pets, but come on-as much as i treated them like humans, they let me sleep through the night, didn't teeth, pull my hair, throw up on me, need to be taken in and out of a car seat several thousand times a day, have as many cute clothes that i had to make a very hard decision buying, continue crying when i consoled them, hurt when i got them, or keep me from working. Of course, those are my favorite things about being a mom. Aaron was deathly sick this mothers day, so we will be celebrating next weekend. Me and my mom had a great time. She cooked me an awesome breakfast, we went on a great walk with dominic and he went on his first swing (pics to come) and we went to springdale which is the closest thing to home here in So Ut! I love my mom, and every day i see things in myself that remind me of her, to the way i talk and sound, to how i clean and decorate. She is so generous, and i know now how much she loves me and why she called all my friends house's to make sure i was really there, and only wanted the best for me.


Leannes notes said...

Sabrina, I'm so glad you had a great Mother's Day with your mom. Nothing is better than hanging out with each other. Thanks for your sweet words on Alli's blog. I really appreciate them and am so glad you are in our family.

Aubrie said...

Matt was sick too! What a bummer.

Mortgage LA said...
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