Thursday, September 8, 2011

Brotherly Love


You two love eachother so much. Dominic, the first thing you do whenever you get up from a nap or the night, is ask for baby and point to my room ( peyton, you are still sleeping with me).  You love to talk to him, try feeding him, wipe his face when he spits up, try to hold him and kiss him, you LOVE it when he lays in your crib with you. While we are in the store, you will tell people walking by that he is your baby. Peyton, you love it when he talks to you, you look at him like he is the only person in the world. You smile at him when he is being silly, and try your hardest not to cry when he is to rough with you. As you grow, you will know how much i wanted girls, ( there is still hope for a sister) but im over the moon that god gave me you two peanuts. I hope you have what your uncle Garrett and i didn't share, which was friendship. We were only 3yrs apart, but just didn't have much in common growing up. As you get older, you will realize the pricelessnes of siblings. It makes me so happy to see you two be so intriguing by the other,  and it's only been 3months. Im so excited for the future with my boys!

I love you,


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