Thursday, October 27, 2011

3rd wheel...


You two are so amazinly cute, I want to eat you! You both love eachother so much, I feel like the 3rd wheel sometimes. Peyton, you smile like i have never seen when dominic is talking to you, and Dominic, only baby can you smile ALL the time. Dominic, all you talk about it BABY, you tickle him, love to feed him-although you tease him with the bottle-are always willing to give him is blanky or "B" when he spits up you make sure to tell me. Peyton, your face lights up when your big brother comes in the room. You two have so much fun together, im so lucky i get to enjoy it now. I know you are best friends, but im sure there will come a day when you have your fights. You two can make eachother laugh like no one else, Dominic, you think you are so funny when your teasing peyton. You have started to tell him "NO" for no reason at all, and take his toys, but are quick to give them back when you notice someone has seen you. I just can't say enough how happy it makes me to see you two together, and it's only been 5 months :)

Love you,


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