Thursday, January 5, 2012


Dear Sons,

Today i don't want to forget this moment. Where you, Dominic, are playing with your cars on the couch, rolling them across your tummy, taking every toy Peyton touches away from him, rolling around on the ground with him.

   Where you, Peyton, are watching everything Dominic does, trying to do everything he does, laughing at everything he does, talking all day long-but no one knowing what your saying. Moving your little feet and arms trying to go places.

Dominic, you talk to your brother when he cries, mostly because of something you did. Peyton, you smile and laugh at your brother when he talks to you. You are 2 and 7months today. In a blink you will be 12 and 10. Please don't forget the admiration you have for each other today, and try to remember that you are each others best friends.

I love you,


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