Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rainbow cake

I saw this so incredible looking cake on my friends, Becky's blog and it looked so amazing I had to try it!!! It could also be because I was craving cake at that minute. Here are where you can find the instructions, I didn't make any frosting becasue I wasn't sure how to, even though i did read the instructions I didn't get how you made frosting out of jello. So instead I bought jello and put banannas in it, so good. Anyway, i used cool whip to dip the cake in and it was mind blowing to me. This was the 1st cake i have ever baked so i was still learning and right now just about any food is award winning to me. It turned out pretty cool looking and fun to make!!

Here is the finished product, i did make 2 pans and I guess your supposed to stack them.


Tara said...

very cool!! I love the colors! You've even got aaron pouring batter...awesome! :)

beck said...

love it! it was yummy! Thanks for letting me try it!

J Family said...

You have never made a cake before? Do we need to have some homemaking lessons little mommy? :) Just kidding. This will be a fun thing to make with your little kiddo!!!