Sunday, February 15, 2009


Well, this was a great day. It started off with aaron golfing, which I usually don't mind because it gives me time to do things I want to do, and I know he is doing something he loves that is kinda exercise, i guess. I had to work until 10pm on valentines day so I figured we would just do something on sunday because we both had the day off. Aaron comes home from golfing right before I leave for work and I don't notice any roses, diamonds or puppies, so I figure ok-there will be a surprise when I get home. I tell him I wont be home until 10:30, so don't wait to eat for me. I know it will be to late to go to dinner, and I also know there is no food at the house he can cook for me. I get home at about 10:30, and give aaron his valentine: 4 new pairs of socks, heart shaped snickers (which i ate most of) and a card. He loves new socks, and I thought i didn't like snickers, he was happy! So Im looking around the room for flowers, a bag, an envelope....anything and am not seeing it. So I assume i will be getting the big surprise tomorrow, which almost made me cry I didn't even get a card on the 14th. So he tells me to go into the TV room, I open the door and the room is FULL of candles, rose petals and dinner from Olive Garden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow am I surprised, and absolutley in love! It was a great day!

These were some of the most beautiful roses i have ever seen!!!


Tara said...

so cute...glad you had a nice valentine's!!! :)

J Family said...

You've been tagged- go to my blog for the rules (you don't have to do it though).

The Shepherd Family said...

So lucky, Ben didn't even do anything for me :( But then again, I didn't do anything for him I guess we're even.