Friday, April 8, 2011


I have been wanting to do this for so long, gosh.....20 months to be exact. I thought I would document every diaper change, feeding, outing, movement, and accomplishment of you. Boy was i wrong. I underestimated the job i had just hired myself for, for the rest of my life. Oh, Dominic you have kept me so busy i get exhausted just watching you. And im still in my roaring 20's!! I will make it my passion to give you and your brother the memories of your childhood. Today you are 1 day away from being 20 months old. I had no idea what happiness you would bring me, and sometimes pain. I want this journal to be a way for you to look back and hopefully see how much you mean to your dad and I. You are growing so fast. You learn a new word almost everyday, but no word can compare to your favorite "No". You say no, to EVERYTHING you are asked, even while nodding your head up and down. You love mickey mouse clubhouse, you will smile,sing and dance when you hear it on the TV. You dance the second you hear any kind of music. Right now you love Katy Perry, Bruno Mars and Anything else on the radio for that matter. I have to go put you down for a nap now, you love to take naps with dad or I. I love you!

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J Family said...

Love this, Sabrina. Isn't parenthood grand and full of so many surprises? :)