Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Learning Fast

Dear Dominic,

You are learning so fast these days! People tell me you can tell something is about to change at your house, with the arrival of your brother, Im not sure i believe it. You can't possibly know there is a person in mommys tummy, i think! Sometimes i have a hard time comprehending how that miracle works. You say baby when you pull up my shirt, and sometimes even daddy's, yours and your cousins shirts :) You throw things in the garbage for us, put your clothes in the hamper, grab your diapers and shoes when asked. Lately you love to put shoes on, mine, dads and yours. It is so wonderful watching the things you learn. You copy me with my makeup, eyelash curler and hair brush. Today we are looking at our new stroller and you point to the car seat and say baby, while trying to do the buckles. I know you will be an amazing big brother, and such a big help. I can't wait to see you teach your brother the things you learn, hopefully only the good things.

I love you,


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