Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Not my idea

Dear Sons,

I have to tell you that this Journal was not my idea. I ran across it from a former co-worker, that i have much respect for, and knew i had to have one for my kids too. I had already had a blog, but wasn't good at keeping up on it, and it wasn't just letters to you, it was about our life-which became to busy for me to write about. Anyway, as i struggle sometimes on what to write to you, i think that i need to go to this co workers blog to see how she writes to her kids. Then i get mad that i can't do this myself and don't look at her blog and dont end up writing to you. Well there is a big difference between me and this co-worker, therefore there will be a difference between what we write our children. I wanted you to know that it is ok to do things the way you want to, the way that things come to you and are executed by you, are who you are. I spend so much time analyzing how to do things perfect or better, that it takes up to much time and i don't end up doing them at all. I hope that you don't struggle with that, and are able to just do things. A lot of times, your first instinct is the right one. I love you boys,

Love your Mother.

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