Thursday, November 6, 2008

I know

Ok, I know it has been forever since I posted and the reasons being are as follows:

1) We moved and the internet in our computer room still does not work, so i havent felt like blogging on someone elses computer. It's like wearing someone elses' underware.
2) Our life is not that exciting.
3) i feel like the lack of comments left on my posts is a way of people telling me our life is not that exciting and i should keep blogging to myself.

I will however say a few things about myself. I love living at our new house, Even though brad and kendall are there alot-J/K i totally love it, and have decided I will work full time and get a nanny when I have kids. I love being married to aaron, i have been surprised at how much we can love eachother when challenges come our way. We will be coming home for christmas and that's about it!


Aubrie said...

I thought you fell of the face of the earth!! If I didn't see Aaron working on my dad's cement I would have thought you two were still hiding out in a cave somewhere!! Good to see that you are still alive:)

Johnny & Alli said...

Maybe the lack of comments come from the lack of posts! I would be more than happy to comment with new posts. Just FYI.
And the last names are so people really know who they're clicking on. Sometimes when I think I'm clicking on someone I know, it ends up not being them. Can you see how that would be irritating and how I wouldn't want that for anyone else?

BK Glauser Family said...

I'm guessing my kids, combined with watching me gasp for air while tiredly tredding water 24/7 is where you came to the conclusion to work and hire a nanny...... :)

The Shepherd Family said...

boo, we're going to be in Charlotte for Christmas. We're gonna miss you Jaspersons like crazy!

Carly and Cameron said...

i would like to read a daily post please. i know you can come up with a fun story everyday. especially living with the crazy glausers! ;)