Thursday, November 27, 2008


First off, i need to admit that I dont know if I spelled thanksgiving right. But other than that I had a great day!! I wasn't able to spend it with my family, but knowing that I will be home for christmas is good enough. Even though this was the 2nd year I was not with MY family, It was a very heart warming day. I am fortunate enough to have such loving in-laws to invite me to spend the day with their family. It was as close to home as I could get! The food was amazing :) I am so thankful just being able to be here on this world and lived a healthy 26 yrs and counting. It's hard to realize how blessed we are sometimes, I am so happy to have a family who loves me and a home to go home to!

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J Family said...

You spelled it right. :) I am glad you had a good day- I haven't been home for Thanksgiving for 6 years and I promise it gets better. Soon you will enjoy doing your own thing as much as we did this year.