Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lets do the right thing

The California Supreme Court has just agreed to hear the legal challenges to the recently passed gay marriage ban!
The state's highest court could have chosen not to hear any of the oppositions to the new amendment to the state constitution.
They've done the right thing today. They've done the right thing in the past. And they will (hopefully) continue to do what's right with regard to our rights! I myself am obviously not a homosexual, but feel very strongly about the right to choose who you love. Aaron and I feel very differently about this and I am sadened by the way what was written in a book by people just like us can have such influence. If a rapist and killer can get married-so can two people of the same sex!


Carly and Cameron said...

GO SABRINA!! I totally agree with you! All have a right to choose who they love. I'm with you sister!

Leannes notes said...

What book are you talking about? Certainly not the bible as it was not written by people like us.