Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bridal shower #2

Pottery and Cupcakes :) This was the 2nd bridal shower I was blessed to receive and I loved it! My almost sister in law MK and another friend I have now in St.George, aubrie decided to do something special for me since I am becoming a Mrs. It was such a great surprise- I can't wait to do it again! They took me to 2 of my fav places, Brushfire and 25 Main. Brushfire is a place you can paint your own pottery, which I pretty much suck at, but sure had fun. I did a plate, MK did 3 little ice cream dishes and aubrie did an amazing job at her very own bowl of popcorn!
Then we went to this so cool restaurant called 25 Main, where they have the BEST cupcake I have ever had. And I dont really like cup cakes. MK's youngest chloe was there the whole time and i'm so glad I got to spend time with her.

Aaron is at his bachlore party this weekend, so I am getting ton's done with the wedding-which is 5 weeks away!!!


Jasperson Family said...

How cute- I am glad you had fun. I had a blast even though Chloe was a stinker. We will definitely have to do it again. Good luck with your to do list this weekend- we missed you for games.

Aubrie said...

Hey I just read your comment on MK's blog..I'm sorry about your job that bites!! If there is anything we can do for you or anything you need let us know! I want to see your platter so you have to post a pic or at least let MK and I see the final product:)

dunlop family said...

yay! you are getting married SO SOON! are you ready, missie? i cant wait to see pics!

Leannes notes said...

I love the paint your own places, I want to see what you painted. I am jealous you got to spend time with Chloe, I can't wait to see her and the whole family. See you soon.