Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Independance day!

We had a great 4th this year! Mostly cuz we had the whole day off! It started with breakfast in the new park at 9am, Our friends made ice blocks-which looked fun, but for some reason I wore a skirt? Then I was off the the veyo pool with angie and her son, which is filled with natural spring water- I still didn't go in- spring water still has 300 kids doing you know what in it. I just bronzed myself. Aaron was at angies house with her husband and other son putting up their pool-its a large pool only 2 feet deep, but does the job. And the boys also picked up and succesfully installed a mister system! You really need that with the heat here, in kirkland you don't need a mister system, maybe we should move back :) I don't if I am spelling mister right-but i'm sure you know im not talking about a guy. We had a great day relaxing, BBQ and watching fire works! I must say,. I was impressed with St. George firework show!
Below is aaron yes, but no he is not still wearing a shirt.


Mel and Nate said...

Hey you!  Nice pool!  My address is 512 N 2260 W Provo, UT 84601 I am excited to get your invitation!

Aubrie said...

That is the best farmers tan I have seen in sooo long!! I'm glad you clarified that he wasn't wearing a shirt:)