Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Where have I been??

I will tell you-in hopes to have the "WEDDING OF 2008" on the cover of people magazine, I have been working 60 hours a week at 2 jobs! And also in hopes of being on the cover of people's " 50 hottest bods of 08" been trying to work out as much as possible. I figure if the girls from Laguna beach, now the hills can do it-so can I. Might I also add, we moved and when I move I don't sleep until every picture is hung, plate put away, sheet on guest bed and bootsy nice and comfy. So that has been the last while of our life. However I have had this whole week of my second job in which I have to........on I don't know PLAN A WEDDING IN LESS THAN 8 WEEKS!!! Not that I haven't done all I could-but i must say I work better under pressure and am very indecisive, so when I realize I really have to make a choice it makes it easier.

I also had my bachlorette party in Vegas-great time! My friends from St. George drove me down and we stayed at a amazing hotel, 6 girls one king size bed, 1 large couch and 1 floor :) We were at the same hotel at Paris Hilton that night-however we were having too much fun to notice! My maid of honor came too from alaska! Here is a pic of the bed-i felt like a celeb, well maybe a c lister.

Bootsy just LOVES stairs! I had a feeling she would, cuz I like them too. But i mean she loves them. She will walk up them on the other side of the railing-kinda scary! Or she will lay on a stair and roll over backwards and attack anyone who walks up them with her little from paws! Other times I catch her spying on us from the very top....what a doll!!!

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Johnny & Alli said...

Is there anyway to get pictures of the house? I mean other than the stairs?!!!!