Sunday, July 20, 2008

Road Trip

We took our first road trip together! It was not what I expected, singing along to madonna and cindy lauper with our hair blowing in the wind and my bandana blowing off my head into the wind, but it was fun. It was more singing along to michael jackson, watching aaron seat dance, and seeing how long I could listen to madonna before he turned it. We went to visit my grandparents, who have never met aaron. They wont be able to make it to the wedding and it had been a while since I saw them. They live in scottsdale, so it was a pretty ride from St. George. Our way there we went through lake powell and I believe some of the north rim of the Grand Canyon. The drive was beautiful!

I would consider moving to scottsdale for this mall. I don't want to talk to much about it cuz it makes me mad how great it is and I dont' live there. Here we are at a great restaurant where aaron tried edamame for the 1st time and actually liked it!!

On our way back we stopped at the Hoover dam, and it was big. There is enough concrete in the dam to build a highway from LA to NY twice or something like that-if you want the facts you will have to ask aaron.

Below is a european man wearing a hot pink shirt, hot pink and black shorts and hot pink slip on's. I thought it was pretty funny.

They are building a new bridge to get across the dam and it is HUGE!!!!

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Annika said...

Hey, don't make fun of us Europeans!!! Btw, how do you even know he is European? :)

I just hope he isn't German..haha