Thursday, July 10, 2008

This will be the death of me..........

Centerpieces, who would of thought they could be so time consuming? I have been engaged for over 5 months now, I have seen centerpieces my whole life and I'm a decorating can I not know what I want in the middle of a table? I have spent my days latley looking on line until I can't click anymore at flowers. All types of them.......all colors........all sizes. I just had no clue at all. I feel I need to have at least 8 weddings ( all to the same person) just to get to do all I want with centerpieces. but I only have 1 wedding, and 10 tables. I could do 10 different things on 10 different tables, but I'm too much of a neat freak. I decided on 2 different, just to keep myself sain and from decorating the parking lot, just cuz i love so many. I decided..........i actually made a decision on my own about my wedding. I didn't ask everyone I know, I didn't even send pictures to anyone to get advice. I did it. The verdict: 1 tall and 1 short. 2 different flowers, 2 different colors, 2 sizes of vases. The only thing is, I'm scared. What if someone has a better idea, what if someone is like " oh i saw that at a wedding once and it sucked" or what if I discover in person it does look stupid!!! I have to do it, I have to get this centerpiece nightmare over with and pick. Here are pictures of what I want.
The talll ones will just be callalillies, very elegant and pretty I think.
The short ones will be a deep pink bunch of roses that the bridesmaids will have carried down the aisle. The pic i have is gerberas, which are a close second cuz i can't find a pic of the roses.

Now these are obviously not centerpieces, but these will be in the ceremony. They are called pomanders, just balls of flowers. They will be hanging from shepards hooks down the aisle! I can't wait :)

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Jasperson Family said...

Love it- and relax!! Everyone will be looking at you anyway right?